15 Cooking Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

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If you’re an amateur in the kitchen, there’s nothing better than a good life hack! Life is busy and cooking can end up being a lot of work, especially when you just got home after a long day at the office. Luckily, there’s pretty much a hack for everything these days, whether its how to stop your water from boiling over to how to quickly and perfectly shred your chicken. Check out some of our favorites below that will help stress less in the kitchen and let’s get cookin!

  1. If an egg is fresh it will sink in water but will float if it isn’t.
  2. Sprinkle lemon juice to stop an avocado from browning.
  3. Place garlic in a bowl with a lid and shake to remove the outer skin.
  4. Use an empty water bottle to separate egg whites and yolks.
  5. Rest a wooden spoon across your pot of boiling water to ensure it doesn’t spill over.
  6. Make potato wedges by simply using an apple slicer.
  7. Shred your chicken using an electric hand mixer.
  8. Place butter under a warm glass to soften it in a matter of minutes.
  9. Microwave oysters for 10-20 seconds to make them easier to open.
  10. Run your knife under hot water to make perfect cake slices. 
  11. Wrap plastic wrap around the stem of a banana to keep it from ripening too fast.
  12. Keep your apples from going brown after cutting them by putting it back together and wrapping a rubber band around it. 
  13. Add a glass of water in the microwave when you are reheating pizza to keep it from drying out.
  14. Put a towel underneath your cutting board to prevent it from sliding around as you chop.
  15. Finally, just skip the cooking altogether and order dinner through Stash Gourmet! You’re welcome!
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