How to Meal Prep for the Week with Stash Gourmet

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I’m sure by now you’ve read about meal prepping on the internet once or twice! It’s a huge trend in the food world and we are here for it! If you’re interested in saving time in the kitchen and eating healthier, meal prepping is for you! Before we go into the deep dive of how Stash Gourmet can help you here, let’s talk about why meal prepping is a great option.


Why Should I Try Meal Prepping?

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what you and your family want for dinner every night, with meal prepping you’ll only do this once and decide for the entire week ahead. It’s a total time saver! Plus, this is a great option if you’re trying to eat healthy. You can pick a healthy option ahead of time so you don’t feel the need to order a pizza or hit up a drive thru last minute on the way home from work. 


How to Use Stash Gourmet for Meal Prepping:

Our meals come in perfectly proportioned sizes that are ideal for meal prepping. Every Monday our new menu is released for the week and through our texting service, you can order all of the week’s meals and have them either delivered all at once or each day throughout the week. You can also do this for lunch, as well! Have your meal delivered the night before and it will stay fresh by the time you’re ready to enjoy!

Some people might say “I don’t want to eat the same thing for dinner every night”. Well lucky for you, we have 4 different options on each menu, so you can switch it up every night and try something new! Or you can stick to your favorite meal for every night of the week.


Lucky for you, using Stash Gourmet won’t have you in the kitchen all day meal prepping for the upcoming week! With just a few simple texts, your meals are ready to go for the week. Ready to try it out? Sign up for Stash Gourmet here and receive 15% off your first order! Happy meal prepping!

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