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One of the reasons we created Stash Gourmet is because we know how busy everyone is and we’d want to help! Stash Gourmet offers freshly prepared meals weekly, to your specific location, making it an incredible choice for working professionals who are constantly on the go, with little time to spare. Check out how Stash Gourmet can make your life just a little easier below!


For Tonight’s Dinner

Know you’re going to be in the office late working on that big proposal? Plan ahead and order dinner with us so you don’t go hungry! We can deliver right to your desk at 5:00PM when you add in your office building’s address. Now you’re burning the midnight oil with a fresh meal prepared specifically for you.


In addition, the last thing you want to think about after a long, tough day at work is cooking dinner for the family. We offer 4 different meals each week so there’s something for everyone. Order by 10:30AM and you can have same day delivery by dinner time. With all Stash dinners arriving by 5:00 PM in chilled, thermal bags, your meals are often ready to eat before you even get home from work. Upon getting home, you can heat up your meal & enjoy without the hassle of preparing it yourself. With front door delivery, dinners just got easier for the working professional!


For Tomorrow’s Lunch

We’re also huge fans of preparing for the week ahead. We can deliver tomorrow’s lunch the night before and it’ll still be fresh and ready to eat the next day! With our diverse weekly menus, you gain a variety of healthy, delicious, fully prepared food options right at your fingertips. You can easily plan out your week without the stress of last minute grocery store runs or thrown together meals. 

No need for phone calls or app downloads, our registration process is so easy! Ordering with Stash Gourmet takes only a few short and simple text messages. Now it’s time to get started! Sign up and get 10% off your first meal here!

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