Why Stash Gourmet is the Right Delivery Service for You

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First time on our website? We’re glad you found us! You might be thinking, “What is Stash Gourmet and how is this different from any other delivery service?” Well we’re here to fill you in! Stash Gourmet offers a variety of meals that are sure to satisfy those taste buds. With a quick text message, amazing gourmet dinners are delivered to your door today! Stash Gourmet offers fresher options that are made with local ingredients. Need a little more convincing? Read on for more information!


Fresh Food Options

Our food at Stash Gourmet is freshly made everyday specifically for you. They are delivered in chilled, thermal bags to ensure they stay as fresh as possible and ready to eat whenever you are!


Locally Created

In addition, our meals are locally created by chefs from our favorite catering companies in the area. With locally crafted gourmet dinners, you receive the eating out experience at the convenience of your own home.


New Menus Weekly

Each week we dish out a new menu filled with delicious options that are sure to fuel your busy week. Every Monday at 9:00 AM you’ll receive a text message with the weekly selection of meals to choose from. With new menu options every week, there’s a larger variety and gives you the chance to try new dishes.


Door Delivery

Once you order your Stash Gourmet meal, our team will deliver it right to your door. We don’t require an app download or a call to confirm your meal – only a few text messages. This door to door delivery takes the hassle out of normal delivery services that have you checking an app or meeting at a specific spot.


By now I’m sure you’re ready to dive right in! Let’s get started!

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